Lot 5 20 50 100 Collectibles Funko Pop Protector Case for 4" inch Vinyl Figures

Quantity Pack: 1
Sale price$5.98


Description & More Details

- Compatible with and designed for 4" Funko Pop Figures
- Frustration free assembly!
- Constructed with acid-free PET plastic
- Each case comes with peel-away protective film to preserve the crystal clear appearance of the case
- Top of case includes a durable locking latch that will secure your Funko Pop figure in case of fall
- No figures are included, only protective cases

Assembly Instructions

For best use, please bend each part prior to assembling the case. This will make it easier to bound the connect tabs together.

To assemble the bottom part, take the non-long part that looks like a 'U' and fold it down first. Next take the two side tabs and fold them inward where they are on top of the first 'U' tab.

Lastly, take the last tab and fold inward and push slightly down until the end point of the tab is under the first 'U' tab. Once this is done, release. You now have the bottom of the case folded!

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