Jalapeno Pepper Corer Cutter Slicer Core Seed Remover Fruit Kitchen Tools

Sale price$5.98


- Serrated edge stainless steel slicer, safe, comfortable to control to coring the peppers and more, and a non-slip handle. Handle is equipped with a hook to allow hanging! Faster and more precise than corer or a regular knife.

- Stainless steel corer is safe for dishwasher wash, and it won’t be damaged by the cleaning solution.

- The pepper corer with serrated edge allows easy insert and twist to remove the seeds of your vegetables and fruits. Perfect to any long/hard vegetable - jalapeno chili peppers also good for zucchini, cucumber, potato, apple etc.

- Creative, practical, and innovative core remover to make your kitchen unique.

- The pepper core remover allows you to quickly remove the pepper seeds and get a complete pepper shell. It is an essential tool for home kitchens or barbecues and a boon for pepper lovers.

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