Gold HDMI Male to VGA Male 15 Pin Video Adapter Cable 1080P 6FT For TV DVD BOX

Sale price$5.92


- Not all of devices with HDMI or VGA interface is able to use this cable.
- Analog signal and digital signal are hard to transfer, so please check your devices carefully before you place order.
- Please note that it doesn't work with computers/laptops to LCD monitor directly and that you will need an adapter box to convert the VGA signals to HDMI in the first place, only our cable is not enough.
- This HDMI to VGA cable is not a bi-directional cable adapter, you can only connect an HDMI output to a VGA input, VGA does not support audio transmission.
- This adapter cable requires a powered HDMI port, the Apple TV, Blu-ray players do not provide enough power over the HDMI port to support this HDMI to VGA cable.
- This product DOES NOT support Nintendo Switch, Blue-ray, PS3, PS4, NOT compatible with Apple devices Macbook and Sony devices PS2/3/4 and Xbox.

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