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We recommend 3+ uses for best results. Individual uses may vary due to the amount of skin that has built up and application time.

One purchase = 1x Packet = 2x Foot Mask Sock.


1: Wash your feet with warm water and then soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes. (If you have cuts or open blisters you should wait for them to heal before using the foot peel.)

2: Ensure it is on correctly and wear normal sock on top of the mask. (Not necessary to wear socks but it helps foot mask stay in place) 

TIP: Once foot mask is on, wrap your feet with plastic wrap before putting socks on. 

3: After 90-100 minutes remove the feet mask and wash feet with warm water removing any remaining gel. For those with sensitive skin we recommend a minimum of 30 minutes. It is completely normal to feel a warming or tingling from the gel. 

4: After 5-10 days the dead skin will begin peeling off, don't remove skin harshly, it will gradually fall off itself.

5: After a week or two you will have fresh new skin!


6: For best results we recommend repeating the treatment once a month to keep your feet soft.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via eBay messaging. We will always reply within 24 hours.

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